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How a Kobo eReader can complement your 2020 resolutions

It’s mid-January, which either means you gave up on your New Year’s resolution weeks ago, or you’re looking ahead on the best ways to achieve success in the next 11 months. Whichever camp you’re in, here’s how digital reading can help you accomplish three common New Year’s resolutions.

Resolution #1: Carve out more personal time to relax

With a Kobo eReader, carving out personal time to read has never been easier, whether you’re on the bus, waiting for a friend at a coffee shop, or comfortably on your couch. A study by David Lewis from the University of Sussex in the UK reports that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by 60 per cent – so slide your eReader into a jacket pocket, slip into your bag, and dive in. Plus, our eReaders come armed with weeks-long battery life from a single charge* and a glare-free E Ink screen to help you read just about anywhere, anytime. 

Resolution #2: Unplug from your phone

Staring at our phones all day can be hard on our eyes, particularly before bed, as blue light emitted from phones can interfere with our natural sleep cycles. All Kobo eReaders are equipped with ComfortLight PRO, which gradually reduces the blue-light exposure that keeps you alert throughout the day, so you can read before bed, then get right to sleep. And, unlike reading on a tablet or phone, your Kobo eReader keeps you focused on your book without any distractions like e-mails, ads or social media – allowing you to unplug, relax and escape into your story.

 Resolution #3: Get that promotion you’ve been dreaming about

 Perhaps you’re not interested in personal resolutions and are thinking instead about career improvement in 2020. With thousands of eBooks on business, finance and self-improvement, including You’re Not Listening by Kate Murphy and Good to Great by Jim Collins, you’ll learn the skills to reach your next promotion in no time.

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*Dependent on individual usage